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Challenge Entry OAO barely!

Title:Mugendai - Infinity
Prompt: "Take a particular scene from either comics, cartoons, movies or of your own fic that has been published prior to this challenge (not RP) any verse, that involves Prowl, Jazz or both. Now write a fic that describes what happened in that scene from another mech's POV. "
Rating: PG-13
Words: 772
Warnings:None other than brief mentions of violence.
Notes: For the December challenge @ prowlxjazz.

"Take. A. Walk, red."

Unseen optics watched the event from afar as a burly and none too happy red mech left the room after a minor squabble with one of his commanding officers. Mirage looked away for a moment as Jazz helped Prowl up after Ironhide punched him on the face. For him. To defend Mirage of Ironhide's anger and accusations.

Mirage remained cloaked, keeping guard on the top of the gate to their current base of operations. He watched Prowl and Jazz talk about the current state of affairs. He was still surprised by how strongly both commanders were standing up for him while almost everyone else in the rag tag group of known survivors pointed their fingers at him as the responsible of their less than favorable situation. Should Optimus Prime perish in the upcoming days, he was certain Ironhide would lead a mob of furious Autobots to execute him on the spot.

But even when almost everyone else he turned to look at would see him with doubt or others just with the unease of not knowing whether he was responsible or just a pawn in an elaborate chess game, he felt more alone than he ever did amongst Autobots. Prowl was one to always push for him to show more commitment to the cause whenever Mirage challenged where their cause was standing now, but even after his doubts...there was Prowl, standing up for him and willing to challenge a power house like Ironhide.

The fact Prowl had likely said something to Ironhide that provoked him further was another issue altogether, the point remained for him that Prowl could have easily thrown him to the proverbial lions to be devoured alive...but he didn't. At first Mirage thought it had been a favor for Jazz, he imagined Prowl would say nothing for or against Mirage's supposed betrayal in honor of the friendship he knew Prowl and Jazz shared.

He wasn't surprised Jazz would believe he was innocent, after all, Mirage had made a vow of loyalty to his friend and leader of Special Operations, Jazz trusted him and Mirage would never dare to betray that trust. When everyone else took to mock him or disregard him for his former nobility and his reluctance to fully believe in the principles of their cause, only Jazz had stepped forward to extend a hand of friendship and trust and Mirage appreciated that more than words or actions could ever explain.

But while Jazz's certainty about his innocence wasn't a surprise to him, Prowl's back up and the honest belief in him that Mirage could see in Prowl's optics when he stood to defend him...that was quite a shock to say the least.

Mirage chanced another glance to the tower where Prowl and Jazz were discussing their situation and, in a moment he assumed both commander officers thought was completely private...he understood why Prowl was as convinced of his innocence as Jazz. It wasn't just that Prowl trusted Jazz's instincts or was honoring their friendship by believing on what Jazz thought to be true...the way Jazz touched Prowl's cheek and was taking to review minor damage to Prowl's lip from Ironhide's punch spoke of more than just friendship.

"Talk about keeping secrets..." Mirage murmured, watching Prowl smile at Jazz and only then he noticed Prowl had been smiling to Jazz the same way since Ironhide left, and Jazz reciprocated the smiles in the same measure. The brush of their lips in a tender, loving affection --not quite a kiss yet more intimate than what friends would allow themselves; was all the clue Mirage needed to understand why Prowl had defended him so vehemently.

Jazz knew he was innocent, and Prowl knew what Jazz knew. Whatever kind of connection they shared was a mystery for him, but he could tell they shared more than just words or touches, there was more between them, much more than the friendship that had surprised many since shortly before the dawn of war.

"Thank you..." Mirage murmured as he turned his unseen glance away, to the desolation ahead of them to give them a moment of privacy, when their worries slipped away for just a few seconds to re charge each others will and resolve in the empowering gesture of an embrace or secret kiss. It was a secret they had obviously kept from others for reasons of their own, and Mirage now had unveiled that secret but just as he did with Jazz's trust, Mirage would keep this knowledge to himself and protect their secret.

It was all he could do for now to say 'thank you'.
Tags: ironhide, mirage, prowlxjazz, pxj challenges: december 12

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