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Sorry this was late, I was internetless for nearly 24hrs so couldn't post in time.

Title: An Empty Tome - Book Four - Broken Wings
Prompt: "Redemption."
Verse: Bayverse. Modified several events from Dark of the Moon.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2626
Warnings:Mentions of character death, angst, and craptastic plot.
Notes: For the anniversary challenge @

Not Beta Read.

"Archeologist, anthropologist, researcher, and now you intend to become a member of the security forces..." Prowl trailed as he read through the dossier containing the new recruit's and newly assigned partner.  "Your previous professions have little in common to the security response's activities. Why would you want to be part of this division now?"

"What can I say? I tried all those and couldn't find much joy on either of them, although anthropology was pretty interesting for a while." Jazz shrugged with a grin. "None of them could hold my interest for long."

"To be quite frank with you, I do believe the problem resides on you." Prowl set the pad down and stood, going around his desk. "You don't strike me as the kind of mech who can commit himself to anything or anyone for long."

Jazz faked an offended gasp. "Why, you! How can you think such a horrible thing from me?"

" lasted little in most other professions, although you were performing outstandingly on every one of them. Yet you chose to just leave them behind with little or no notice." Prowl crossed his arms. "This isn't a game. You were partnered with me because the Lord High Protector received an special request from Optimus to place you in a division where you would be given enough action to keep you 'entertained'. Now, you might have Optimus' favor and thus some influence, but I expect nothing short of your absolute dedication to your new duties."

Prowl began to walk away, a flick of his wings showed Jazz he was expected to follow. Jazz did follow without missing a beat, his smile still in place despite the lecture. "I know the record doesn't speak too good of me but I can't help it, my spark is yearning for something and I haven't found it yet."

"This is no place for you to do your soul searching, Jazz." Prowl said as he walked down the halls of the headquarters. "What we do here is vital, we are entrusted with the safety of all Cybertronians and I will not place my life and trust in the hands of a mech who can't settle and commit to the duty."

"Hey, at least give me a chance before you assume I'll let you down." Jazz's smile faded a little.

"One chance is all you have, Jazz...I will not hesitate to send you over to patrol the Hatcheries if you do not demonstrate your commitment to this division." Prowl glanced at Jazz with burning amber optics.

"Why the hatcheries?" Jazz asked, puzzled.

Prowl smirked. "What can keep a nomad like you busy and entertained enough than a horde of hatchlings running around and driving their nannies crazy? You're not going to get bored any time soon with those little monsters."


Earth. It wasn't quite what he was expecting but it wasn't as bad as it could be. He did not care for the life forms that inhabited the planet, even if he was supposed to cooperate with them. He, in fact, had come to resent them a little.

It wasn't Samuel's fault Jazz had died, it was no one's fault but Megatron's and Prowl's. He was told Jazz  died a hero, sacrificing himself to buy time and protect Sam and the Allspark...but Prowl knew there was more than heroism behind Jazz's actions. It was Jazz trying to prove himself time and time again.

The first encounter hadn't been one particularly amicable, at least on Prowl's part, he'd given Jazz one chance to prove himself fit for the security forces and to be his partner after Megatron forced him to reassign his original partner to entertain Optimus' favored mech.

They had very little time to establish a good working relationship as the war began shortly after Jazz joined the security forces. Ever since their working relationship was left behind and, like everyone else, they were all focused on surviving, in wining that insane war.

But Jazz never forgot Prowl's words and apparent disdain for his ability to commit to someone or something and always tried hard to prove to himself and to Prowl that important things did matter to him.

Their relationship evolved, they became friends and brothers in arms, they watched over each other, as far as Prowl was concerned, he had judged Jazz too harshly and there was nothing to prove anymore...but for was important to demonstrate his what? Prowl couldn't tell any more.

That led to Jazz being more open to take risks he shouldn't, it worried Prowl and he was often the one to pull him out of unnecessary danger. It soon led to more, they were a formidable team and became one of Prime's most valuable assets.

When they were forced to split their forces in search for the Allspark, Prowl worried for Jazz but trusted him to do what would be the best for everyone.

When Prowl arrived to Earth and learned of Jazz's death, he couldn't help the scar of regret that burned his spark from then on. He knew...he just knew Jazz hadn't died a hero just because...he died to prove himself when there was nothing left to prove. Prowl knew Jazz's death was his fault and his hands were stained with Jazz's figurative blood.

Their feelings had been strong, the attraction was unmistakable and neither fought it off. Jazz's wandering brought them together, he war brought them closer until one spark was almost indistinguishable from the other. They had never bonded, never dared to in a war so long and cruel, but the desire was there.

In this planet there was little that kept Prowl interested on anything anymore. He performed his duties as expected of him, he joined Optimus' team and continued to serve with the same dedication and effort Prime had come to expect from him but he became a shadow of himself.

He was cold and didn't mask his disdain for the humans he served with, he barely spoke to the likes of Lennox or Epps, he didn't bother trying to remember the name of the woman currently in charge of the political aspect of their alliance --a fact that spoke by itself as Prowl was the mech most likely to memorize every name, rank and protocols associated with them. He just didn't care anymore.

When they were exiled he wasn't surprised, he almost wished they would leave the humans to the mercy of the Decepticons and the traitorous Sentinel Prime. Almost.

He couldn't leave this world behind, the world his dear Jazz had sacrificed to help save, the place where Jazz performed his last act of commitment to the Autobot cause, to the freedom of all sentient end the madness Megatron tried to spread through the universe.

"The Decepticons fell for the trick. Now we have to wait until they have lowered their guard enough to strike."

Prowl could hear Leadfoot reporting as they fell into the ocean, hidden from view as Starscream blew up the Xantium. "Sentinel Prime is in Chicago, he will activate all the pillars from that location."

"He's gone mad," Ratchet said softly, melancholy. Prowl wasn't the only one who'd lost a dear one in this planet, but Ratchet held up...he was needed, and was braver than anyone would give him credit for.

"I have to wonder if he was ever sane," Dino murmured, aching for a chance to stick his blades into the traitorous Prime's head.

"It doesn't matter now." Prowl stood and faced his comrades. "Prime's orders are clear. Sentinel can't succeed."

"Is it right, though?" Que asked. "To destroy our own home...for the sake of this world?"

"What other choice do we have? Sentinel Brought the war to this planet, he made a deal with the devil, should these humans pay the price of our arrogance?" Prowl said, partly referring to the humans, partly speaking from a personal experience.

"We didn't precisely start the war." Sideswipe protested. "But what good would come of allowing humans be enslaved for our benefit?"

Prowl bowed his head, obscuring his features. "It's our chance to redeem our race...for the sins of our leaders."

Prowl knew one thing for sure: this was their own last stand --It ended here one way or another.

As your silhouette silently returns to the sky
I kept watching, until my tears dry up
What else can I do besides avenge you?

The battle in Chicago ragged on with the same fury of many more battles fought on Cybertronian ground. Blades and guns met one another, piercing and blowing through struts and energon lines.

Prowl stood surrounded by Decepticons still in proto form. He was alone, having split from the main group to buy them extra time while the Wreckers freed Optimus Prime and Bumblebee's group helped to search and deactivate the pillars. Prowl extended dual blades from his wrists while his cannons rested snuggly on his shoulders, one simple flicker from a hesitant Decepticon and Prowl charged at them.


"You need to be more careful..." Prowl chided as he patched up the torn lines on Jazz's arm. "Ratchet will have your hide if you damage yourself seriously and you'll do us no favors getting yourself killed."

"Why, Prowl! I didn't know you cared." Jazz grinned to mask the pain caused by the stinging severed lines.

Prowl leveled a hard glare at Jazz. "You know I do, thank you."

Jazz's grin faded. "I didn't mean it that way," He murmured, touching Prowl's helm fin.

"Then don't say it. You think it's just words throw in the air but they aren't." Prowl still looked at Jazz with a hard glare, though didn't pull away from that touch. "You have to be careful Jazz."

"Prowl, it's just a small cut."

"An unnecessary small cut --slag it, Jazz, don't...! Just..." Prowl looked away. "Don't go and die on me now...please."

Jazz smiled softly. "I'll do what I can."


I made a vow, upon my inerasable scars,
to never forget this overflowing sorrow

Prowl panted as he finished off the last of the proto forms. As a member of security response killing his own brethren hadn't been part of  his line of work, but the war taught him in these situations it was kill or be killed. He didn't go undamaged, if not by skill the sheer number of his enemies were enough to cause some damage here and there but nothing too severe.

Suddenly, a piece of shrapnel pierced an optic and pain flooded his sensory network. He brought a clawed hand up to tear the sticking piece of metal off from his optic.

"Ah, one too stubborn to die like he should."

Prowl gasped and felt the large claws grip his door wing and one of the shoulder mounted cannons and tear them off. The unexpected attack managed to pull at wires and cables in his arm, leaving his right arm completely useless.

"Come on, Prowl...die already!"

Starscream. It was his luck Megatron's lieutenant would find him. Prowl raised his head to look at Starscream perched on top of a two story building, not even far enough that Prowl couldn't reach him.

"You're as much a pest as the humans, and that little silver friend of yours...I was there, you know? Lord Megatron split him in two like a twig." Starscream cackled while gestured the way Megatron had killed Jazz, tearing his body in two.


"I don't want to go...I want to stay with you, but Prime says he needs me in this mission..." Jazz said, sitting on the small berth of his room. "I guess it can't be helped, huh? Wish you could come, too."

"Prime needs me to stay with this fleet and search in other directions...the Allspark must be located at all costs." Prowl nodded, looking out at the stars through Jazz's room's window.

"Well, if we must split for now then, promise me something." Jazz stood and smiled at his friend.

"What is that?" Prowl asked as Jazz approached.

Jazz's smile grew as he leaned in closer to Prowl and murmured against his audial.


you told me
live as if you were to die tomorrow
feel as if you were to be reborn now
face as if you were to live forever

Prowl panted as he looked up at the horrible mug of a mech he'd once served with before all this madness began. He could remember a Starscream with a purpose, arrogant as he could be, he was still a good mech with noble intent but that mech was gone, he was a pitiful pawn to Megatron's desires, a disgusting caricature of his former self. A powerful and still deadly one but still a caricature nonetheless.

Prowl hurt all over, but he knew he had to stand, he had one last thing to do and he couldn't die just yet.

"You're so persistent!" Starscream hissed in amusement and annoyance.

"I'm afraid I can't die...not yet..." Prowl groaned and managed to get to his feet, he was so damaged now that just standing there hurt like the pits. He powered his remaining good optic down and tried to ignore all the warnings on his HUD. He still had one thing to do and he had to do it right.

"I have nothing to lose..." Prowl murmured to himself as he allowed himself to remember the last time he saw Jazz smile at him.

Now, if only your kind words were enough to heal me
I'd devote my entire body to this never-ending battle 

Since one day everyone will return to the sky,
there need not be any words of farewell

Prowl growled and unsheathed his wrist blade on his remaining good arm. This was his final stand and if he died in the process he didn't care, he would fight time and time again until he couldn't anymore, and he wouldn't die until he redeemed himself from his sins, from his own arrogance and prejudice.

"Die already!" Starscream cried as he charged back, only to be met by a blade to his optic, wringing a howl of pain.

Prowl twisted his arm enough to break the blade and leave it embedded into Starscream's optic. Prowl pulled his arm back and struck forward, digging his claws into the optic as Starscream tried to claw him off, he clung to that optic as his remaining cannon began to charge for one final shot, one that would kill him and Starscream.

With a flutter of my broken wings, I shall try to erase everything
Someday we'll meet our demise. but until the final bell stops ringing

Prowl could hear Starscream's cries as if they were some distant noise, the pain on his body was long gone as he had grown numb to the pain, he could only feel the heat coming from his shoulder cannons as he charged the shot. It felt like the warmth on his spark when he was with Jazz, when they would come together after a battle, grateful for another opportunity to live another day together in the never ending inferno of the war.

He felt the cannon fire, and whatever happened next he was comfortably unaware of anymore. He was dying for sure, his body wouldn't withstand the explosion any better than Stascreams, but Prowl didn't care --he'd come to accept his death the moment he learned of Jazz's demise. He had nothing else to live for, nothing to lose, no remaining truths.

Prowl could hear a bell in the distance, as if it was announcing his final moments in this life. He couldn't see or feel anything else...everything was darkness and soon all was silent.

All was dark and there was only silence.

Tags: 2007verse, angst, au, prowlxjazz, pxj challenges: september 12

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  • Happy Late Birthday for Wocket!

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