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Title: An Empty Tome - Book Three - Fan, Spear, Heart and War
Prompt: "Xing Zhan." + Our Love is Everlasting
Verse: G1/DWis/IDWish mix and mash
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1411
Warnings:This is really sucktastic! And I'll eventually get to why that fan is there.
Notes: For the anniversary challenge @ prowlxjazz.

Not Beta Read.

The war raged on, the distance did little to placate the sounds of death and destruction. A holographic screen hovered in the middle of the tactical room where several advisors and the commanding officer tried desperately to turn the tide of a battle lost before it even began.

"Another battery is lost, we have units three and six down to one third of able combatants." One of the senior advisors reported, pointing at the specific squads' position on the map. "They are as good as dead, Shockwave has sent out a fresh batch of drones, and the swarm was set free on units nine and four."

"What can we do?" An officer asked through clenched dentals, hating the feeling of helplessness.

"Nothing...other than retreat I can't see a viable exit without causing more loses." The senior advisor sighed in defeat.

"Or you can say one mech to deactivate the central brain module controlling the drones." A mech said, playing with an intricate fan between pale white fingers. "A retreat formation without back up would equal placing a target on our standing forces given the intel we have of the drones' attack patterns."

The senior strategists looked at the junior tactician playing absently with the fan, a purely decorative trinket gifted to graduates of the tactical division as a symbolic reminder of what a good strategist was supposed to be in times of war and times of peace.

"That is a bold suggestion coming from a junior officer, Prowl, what kind of reasoning could support your strategy?" The commanding officer looked at the young black and white mech who continued to play with the fan.

Prowl stared back at the commander, his fingers brushing along the edge of the folded fan. "Shockwave's drones work on a programmed pattern as instructed by a central computer which adjusts the different attack strategies for the different squads in action. If you eliminate the brain, the limbs will stop working. Shockwave does not entrust his technology to just about anyone...he keeps all drone squads under the same main computer's influence if Special Operations' intelligence officers' reports are to be trusted." Prowl stood and produced a pad for the commander. "Shockwave keeps his main computer in this stronghold. He can produce countless drones, but the computer cannot be replaced nearly as quickly. A squad trying to take the stronghold will be countered with said drones as the current situation demonstrates. One mech by himself, though, has a higher probability of success."

"At the cost of the mech's life, no doubt." The senior tactician interrupted, crossing his arms, clearly displeased with the suggested course of action.

Prowl looked at the senior tactician with dispassionate optics. "Only if you send the wrong mech to do the job."

"I assume you have one in mind already?" The commanding officer turned his attention back to Prowl and his proposed strategy.

"Only one kind of mech can perform this task successfully and return to us in a functioning state." Prowl offered then a profile for public viewing in the screen.

"He's a want to send the mech into his first official sabotage mission to Shockwave's stronghold?!" The senior tactician protested immediately. "This is madness! Irresponsible and downright arrogant."

"The statistics indicate this mech has the best probabilities amongst the available rooster, sir." Prowl was undeterred.

"Numbers and statistics aren't everything, this mech would be under serious pressure, one mistake and he'd be history!"

Prowl turned to the mech with the same calm, almost disinterested expression. "With all due respect, sir, based on this mech's performance in training, simulations and the field, I predict a 97.9856 percent of success. The next best candidate would have a 84.347 percent probability of success and safe return."
"Alright...we'll go with your plan, Prowl." The commander raised a hand to quiet the protest of the senior tactician. "Should this mech fail his task, his life and the lives of any lost soldiers as a result of your plan will rest on your spark, Prowl, and you will be directly responsible for the outcome and will face military court."

"I do understand sir," Prowl replied. "I accept all responsibility for this operation and its outcome."


"You have your instructions, the operation will begin in ten breems. Do you have all your equipment ready?" Prowl asked as he tapped the folded fan to his thigh.

"Yep. You know, Prowl...I know I complained I needed someone to finally let me get into my specialty, but you had to pick up Shockwave to christen my career as saboteur?" Jazz grinned, trying to inject some humor into the dire situation.

"Are you doubtful of your ability to perform this operation?" Prowl asked.

Jazz shook his head and patted Prowl's arm. "You're kidding? I can't wait to leave a present from yours truly for that psycho."

"Be careful," Prowl said as he turned around, showing the tiniest bit of emotion as genuine concern sparkled in his optics.

"Always...I'll keep you informed." Jazz touched his chest plates as his visor dimmed in a quick flick, as if he were winking at Prowl to keep a secret only they knew about.

Prowl nodded solemnly and left for the command center.
The war raged on, the distance did little to placate the sounds of death and destruction. A holographic screen hovered in the middle of the tactical room where several advisors and the commanding officer followed through with the real time feedback to turn the tide of a battle thought lost.

"Units one and five, the drones are offline, mobilize to the following coordinates and provide back up for units nine and four to push back on the swarm. Units seven and two, cover up units three and six for retreat, medical units are at the ready..."

Prowl listened as the advisors relayed their orders but his thoughts were focused somewhere else.

//So...after I'm I get a nice hot oil bath and some of those matured Tarnian goodies of yours?//

Prowl had to suppress a smile. //Maybe...are you well?//

//A few dings and scratches...a couple of bites on my arm plating courtesy of Soundwave's quadruped pest...but other than that I'm fine...//

Prowl sent a soft pulse of relief and comfort as he finally directed his attention at the screen. The mood in the command center had improved significantly as reports continued showing a more favorable outcome.

//Guess they'll finally take us seriously, huh?//

Prowl tapped the tip of the folded fan to his lips. //We're graduates, Jazz...their skepticism regarding our abilities was to be expected. At least they are not aware of our associations, they would have shot down my recommendation on the spot.//

//Either that or they've thought you were insane or sparkless for sending your mate to certain death, huh?//

Prowl barely noticed when one of the senior officers came over to congratulate him as reports arrived the special operations agent was safely extracted. //That was a distinct possibility.//

//Without counting in that, if they found out we've been bonded since before we were accepted to the academy, they'd split us and send us to counselors because who in their right processors bond before they are even of legal adult age?//

//I do not believe they would be able to rationalize our bonding was a perfectly reasonable decision...we've known each other since we were sparks floating in wait for a body... we've loved each other even then.// Prowl nodded as more reports came in and he maintained two conversations at the same time as he was updated on the operation's status.

Jazz sent an affectionate pulse as the extraction team took him into a transport. //Not all mechs would believe our love would be ever lasting...specially in this war. We could end up in opposite poles of Cybertron or the universe itself...//

//I'd wait for you forever.//

Jazz smiled as he was laid on a berth for a quick check up. //Until the end of time.//

//Always yours. Forever mine.//

//I'm coming home.//

//I'll see about that hot oil bath.// Prowl sent a wave of affection and relief over the bond.

Jazz sighed and relaxed as he was scanned over for other superficial damage. //By the way...I think I'll need to get my spear's tip replaced...Soundwave kind of took a piece of it as a souvenir.//

//How so?//

//Well...he left the stronghold with one of the tips embedded into his optic.//

Jazz could almost hear Prowl's chuckle over the bond.
Tags: au, prowlxjazz, pxj challenges: september 12

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