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Although i have no intention of ever deleting this community I will also be backing up my fics to AO3. Major fics are already there but still figuring out how I am going to Migrate Imperium...
Prowl x Jazz - I Want You

Prowl x Jazz Anniversary Challenge entry.

Title:Break the Chain
Prompt: Bingo Card with the prompts: Champion, crystal gardens, trying to forget, secrets, heroes and villains, first kiss, pets and companion animals.
Verse: Knightformers (robutt version) / Fantasy RPG setting
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2355
Warnings:Fantasy so this is waaaaaaaaay messed up and weird and shtuff.
Notes: For the anniversary challenge @ prowlxjazz Atlas is used with permission from my friend Nina. You may want to imagine Atlas as a little noibat.

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Mirage - My Colors Fade to Gray

Challenge Entry OAO barely!

Title:Mugendai - Infinity
Prompt: "Take a particular scene from either comics, cartoons, movies or of your own fic that has been published prior to this challenge (not RP) any verse, that involves Prowl, Jazz or both. Now write a fic that describes what happened in that scene from another mech's POV. "
Rating: PG-13
Words: 772
Warnings:None other than brief mentions of violence.
Notes: For the December challenge @ prowlxjazz.

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Prowl - Give Me Reason

Sorry this was late, I was internetless for nearly 24hrs so couldn't post in time.

Title: An Empty Tome - Book Four - Broken Wings
Prompt: "Redemption."
Verse: Bayverse. Modified several events from Dark of the Moon.
Rating: PG-13
Words: 2626
Warnings:Mentions of character death, angst, and craptastic plot.
Notes: For the anniversary challenge @

Not Beta Read.

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Prowl x Jazz - Just You And I

Fell so asleep I didn't get to post this earlier @A@;

Title: An Empty Tome - Book Three - Fan, Spear, Heart and War
Prompt: "Xing Zhan." + Our Love is Everlasting
Verse: G1/DWis/IDWish mix and mash
Rating: PG-13
Words: 1411
Warnings:This is really sucktastic! And I'll eventually get to why that fan is there.
Notes: For the anniversary challenge @ prowlxjazz.

Not Beta Read.

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